Staying Up to Date with the Latest in Flexographic Industry Equipment

At Precision Label Ltd. in Calgary, we maintain some of the most sophisticated equipment available to the flexographic industry. Our use of the latest technology allows us to consistently provide our customers with the highest possible level of service. Our 5 presses in our 16,000 square foot facility offer printing from 1 to 8 colours up to 13” wide. Our newer servo press can also handle the most demanding of printing projects. Learn more about our flexographic industry equipment below. If you have any questions about our equipment or would like to request a quote, please do not hesitate to contact Precision Label Ltd.
Our art department employs Esko printing and supply software that puts images directly on a plate. Esko primarily specializes in solutions for packaging design and pre-press, but it also produces pre-press workflow software for general commercial use.The Digital Flexo Suite offers significant cost savings through the automation of the flexo plate production. It is a collection of Esko’s plate making software, designed especially for the needs of the packaging industry. The Digital Flexo Suite adds a flow of information to plate making. Automatically, instantly, and with computerized accuracy, a job is sent to the imager, files are created for cutting, and data files are made for mounting.

Kodak ThermoFlex
The Kodak ThermoFlex Narrow is the ideal choice for narrow web printers and trade shops. It combines industry-leading repeatability with production-proven reliability to ensure consistent, high-quality print and improved press performance for digital flexographic, letterpress, and dry-offset plates. ThermoFlex HyperFlex-Ready imaging allows platemakers to control relief depth and dot profiles, enabling more consistent presswork and improved print quality, particularly in the highlights.

DuPont™ FAST
Cyrel® FAST uses a dry thermal technology for plate development, completely removing conventional solvents and aqueous washout solutions. In addition to the obvious environmental and health gain, it also reduces the plate processing times by up to 75%.

OMET Machines
OMET Machines Printing Presses division offers a complete range of printing machines for all packaging materials in a unique modular system. The Printing Presses Division includes a complete range of printing and converting machines for various flexible packaging materials (paper, self-adhesive paper, plastic films, and folding carton).
OMET’s Flexy-S
The Flexy-S is a narrow web press for the production of labels, plastic film for packaging, and light carton board that combines shaftless and servo technology to obtain excellent performance. It is particularly suitable for the label printing market owing to its precision, speed, and efficiency. In addition, the possibility of having flexo, screen and hot and cold foil units all inline assures an extremely flexible production capability. The servo motors on the plate and impression cylinders offer much reduced set up times, and thanks to the pre-register system before and an integrated electronic control after, quality in the production phase is assured. The option to fit a Twin Cut unit for self-adhesive labels, coupled with the machine’s compact dimensions and register stability make the Flexy-S the best press for quality and cost effectiveness.

Label Traxx – Digital Label Printers
At Precision Label Ltd., we use Label Traxx job management software, specifically designed for narrow web flexo and digital label printers. Label Traxx consists of twelve modules, each of which offers a complete start to finish solution. Modules help to streamline communication and manage the modern flexo and digital label printing process, maximizing your productivity and profitability.

Label Traxx coordinates our operational standards, contact information, estimating applications, and more. Existing client and prospect details are easy to locate, equipment, dies, tools, and stock are centralized, and all our client estimates are processed quickly and efficiently. Once it becomes an order, Label Traxx accurately processes a project. The job then moves from the sales department to production, and then to shipping without any miscommunication or delays.

Label Traxx helps Precision Label Ltd. to maintain efficient quality control and documentation of any related quality issues and costs. The software is also employed to manage both our in-stock and finished goods inventory, so that we always know if any product is in short supply. Label Traxx features the most powerful fully integrated accounting system available for the flexographic industry, which we use to ensure consistently accurate invoicing for our clients.