Calgary Label Printer Services for Various Businesses

At Precision Label Ltd., we offer our customers a comprehensive range of services. We are one of the select few label printers in Western Canada to provide in-house graphics, pre-press, and plate making services. We have extensive experience in conducting research and development tailored to the individual requirements of our clients. Customized labels and other products are available.

As professional label printers, quality is very important to us. Strict quality control procedures are in place all the way from the original concept to delivery of the finished product. Our system of checks and balances has made it possible for us to deal with ISO approved customers on an ongoing basis.
Research & Development
At Precision Label Ltd., we go the extra mile and have extensive experience in conducting research and development tailored to the individual requirements of our clients. We can appreciate that many projects may be the same, and we do have a great many repeat customers; it’s a testament to our excellent levels of service. However, we don’t shy away from difficult projects, and our team thrives on challenges. Many label companies, including our closest competitors, may only be interested in the easier jobs that require little effort; we are always interested in taking on new challenges, which may be a variation on something we’ve done before or an entirely new concept altogether.

We will assess your request, look into every aspect of the project, offer suggestions and alternatives where appropriate, advise you of many possible options, and work with you to bring your project to completion, the way you want it to be.
If you’ve already approached other label companies who didn’t seem interested in your project or in taking the extra time and effort needed, contact us. You won’t be disappointed.
Thermal Imprinting
Precision Label Ltd. is one of the few label suppliers currently offering consecutive numbering, custom barcoding, and custom thermal imprinting for your labels. We are also one of the few suppliers that can provide clients with laminated thermal imprinted labels for increased durability.

If you would like to explore the benefits that thermal imprinting can offer your company, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.
Custom Design & Pre-Press
Precision Label Ltd. is one of the only label printers in Western Canada with an in-house team of graphic artists that offers a complete range of design and pre-press services, including custom design and digital plate making. The combination of these processes allows us to handle every project efficiently and economically. Our highly experienced graphics department provides both creative design services and graphics preparation for all of our clients.

We will accept and can work with most file types our customers supply. However, you should contact our graphics team in advance in order to ensure the compatibility of your material for the project.

Producing our own custom art and plates in-house allows us to retain a large measure of control over product quality, operating costs, and turnaround times, all to the benefit of our customers.

Graphics PrePress
Plate Making
At Precision Label Ltd., we design and manufacture flexographic printing plates for labels and for packaging industry labels, including those for retail, manufacturing, industrial use, medical products, pharmaceuticals, and prepared foods. Our plates feature superior image quality, print consistency, and eliminate the possibility of errors occurring following approval of artwork until the plate is completed.
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