What is Envirolope?

Envirolope is a patented product, offered exclusively by Precision Label Ltd. The Envirolope replaces the familiar 10” x 13” interoffice envelopes. These types of envelopes have been used for many years for internal mail within companies. The internal office envelope has always been very useful, since the same material can be circulated to all those who needed to see the enclosed documents, information, or memos, indicating that they had received and possibly reviewed the material.

However, due to constant handling, these envelopes eventually wear out, like most paper products. Regular envelopes are not only continually delivered to many different people during the initial circulation, but are often reused, as long as they remain in sufficiently good condition. The Envirolope reduces the waste associated with the traditional interoffice envelope, which is replaced with a unique envelope featuring durable, versatile Tyvek. A removable 8 1/2" x 11 label is adhered to the envelope. Once the label is full, you simply remove it and add a new one.