How Do MultiVac Packages Work?

MultiVac covers packaging solutions for all segments of the food industry - from baked goods to meat, poultry and fish, to dairy products, fruit and vegetables. The packaging solutions are tailored to a wide range of requirements, regarding output and degree of automation.

In the area of life science and health care products, MultiVac solutions aid in the flexible and efficient packaging of medical products and pharmaceuticals.

For industrial and consumer products, MultiVac packaging solutions offer maximum protection against mechanical and environmental influences.

Conveyor belt labeler

Conveyor belt labelers can be used to label a wide variety of products. They offer the highest level of flexibility with regard to label positioning, printing, product handling and inspection.

They can be seamlessly integrated into filling or packaging lines and can also be configured as a stand-alone solution with manual product infeed. Their modular design enables them to be ideally adapted, both technically and economically, to the widest range of labelling tasks.